Friday, May 21, 2010

Himalaya Herbals Almond & Cucumber Peel-off Mask Reviews

I was attracted to this Himalaya Herbals Almond & Cucumber Peel-off Mask because it was from Himalaya. It's ingredients was 100% herbal actives and it's small title printing stated that it can "Unclog pores, Tones, nourishes and firms up skin" sounds like a good deal to me at the price of roughly RM15!

When I squeezes out the liquid, it was so thick that it was so messy for me to apply on my face evenly without dropping few drip here and there. After applying on my face, I suppose to wait for 10-15mins. Now after the time frame, my mask wasn't dried yet!! and I can see my blackheads on nose very obviously. it first I was thinking why the hell my blackheads look even more obvious but it turn out the mask actually pull them out. How do I know that?

I did not peel my mask out because it wasn't dry and I didn't want to keep the mask too long on my face afraid it will dry out my skin somehow(there is a reason there is a time frame instruction stated thee). I washed my mask. I not sure anyone does that but what else can I do? anyway once I wash clean my face it felt supple and I touch my nose(and face).. supple and clean I couldnt see blackheads (not that many anyway). I quickly apply toner and moisturizer to preserve the suppleness.

Overall, I would say this piece of facial product is working decently on my face nothing to shout about though. If you are looking for something plant based at affordable price I would recommend this!

Summary of Product

  1. Brand: Himalaya Herbals
  2. Title: Almond & cucumber peel off mask
  3. Function: Unclogs pores, tones, nourishes, firms up skin
  4. Made in: India
  5. Direction: Apply evenly on cleansed face & neck, avoiding eye area. Allow dry for 10-15mins. Gently remove peels from both side of face. Use once or twice a week.
  6. Ratings: 3/5
  7. Price: roughly RM15
  8. Content: 150ml
  9. Ingredients:
  • Almond- nourishes, soothes and softens the skin
  • Cucumber- tones facial skin and provides a cooling effect
  • Pineapple- removes impurities and dead tissues, and firms up the skin
  • Indian Gooseberry (Amia)- has cleansing and antioxidant properties


  1. its a Peel off mask, so the idea is to peel it off, isnt it?

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