Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Favorite Eye Make Up Remover (Product Review)

Comment on Product: A dual function of eye and lip make up remover my favorite choice among the products displayed on the pharmacy shelf. I love this  make up remover although it's slightly much more expensive than the previous make up remover i bought (Nivea brand) but I think it's totally worth the money. It easily removes my waterproofing mascara compared to my "ex" Nivea makeup remover.

The content texture felt oily on my face which is fine to me because it works it magic on my waterproofing mascara and I will always washes my face after that. I think this piece of bottle at 125ml cost less than RM30 do wonders on waterproofing mascara. You might fancy this piece of gem even if you ain't a regular user of waterproofing make up because of it's effectiveness to remove your make up after once or twice swipe on your face.

Title: Bio Essence - Bio-Hydra Eye & Lip Dual Makeup Remover

Function: Fine molecules to disintegrate waterproof eye & lip makeup effectively while moisturizing the skin (as labeled)

Made in: Licensed and supervised by Bio-essence Laboratory Singapore, produced by China

Direction: Shake well before each use. Damp the cotton pad, leave on for few seconds before swiping acroos your eyes and lip areas. Wash off thoroughly with cleansing fluids

Ratings: 4/5

Price: Not more than RM30

Monday, June 18, 2012

Smelly-No-More Deodorant

Summary of Product Brand: Bought this piece of good stuff at less than RM20 and it works like magic on my armpit! Apparently this piece of gem is made of natural salt crystal and it WORKS on my armpit odour. All you need to do was wet the surface and rub against your cleansed armpit and it will be effective for the next 24hours. I personally guarantee it works on me and its natural without any chemical complication! Finally I have found my odour guardian angel ^^

 Title: Smelly-No-More Deodorant

 Function: Get rid of your body odour for the next 24 hours after application

 Made in: no clue

Direction: Wet the surface and apply on your armpit/feet after shower

Ratings: 4/5

Price: Not more than RM20

Content: Natural crystal salt

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My 4 days Bangkok Trip

Our stay at Baiyoke Hotel- Tallest Building in Thailand. What a nice view having breakfast buffet (free) and getting good view early in the morning. Do not buy any tour ticket from the tour operating at this 5 stars hotel without first doing your homework. You will get conned with their shockingly expensive tour charges.

Delicious coconut drinks I couldn't get enough in Thailand! Anyone heard about coconut being injected? Not sure how true is it...  :(

Not seeing this in Malaysia Mcdonald too bad... Coca cola float!!!

Do not miss out the Ladies Boy Show when you go to Thailand. And Please don't get mix up with the Tiger Show which is illegal and I heard is very disgustingly annoying 18sx. Anyway the Ladies Boy Show is consist of a group of impressively beautiful ah-gua giving dance performance and acting. I think it's a must if you have not been to one!

Coconut sugar farm stop by when we were in the Floating Market.. Nothing much except free coconut sugar for trying and lots of souvenirs to be seen 

Our ride on the boat at Floating Market.. Cost about RM60/person. You can opt for walking around the floating market if you prefer..

We stopped by at the temple near the floating market by boat.....

There is elephant ride if you wanted to near the floating market where they can fetch you by boat as well. I personally will not prefer the ride or the monkey show because of the cruelty have to bear by these animal

It cost us RM70 for 2 hours of massage from this Massage Centre called Rangnam. Remember that you can bargain for better price. You might get cheaper else where but this place confirmed no hanky panky :)

We also went to Bangkok chatuchak. It's the Ladies shopping day we come as early as 8:30am and most of the shops aren't even open yet!!! A must to come to this biggest morning market.

Grilled Pisang with sauce. Deliciously addictive! I bought this at the pasar malam near to our Baiyoke Hotel. I love this so much~~

**Always remember to be careful going anywhere in Thailand. Remember to stay in group for your own safety purpose. It's best to follow tour guide to ensure your safety.

Laneign - Water Sleeping Pack Ex

Summary of Product Brand: I heard some really good reviews from friend which made me buy this piece of sleeping mask from Laneign brand. First time buying this brand though. It's made from Korea. The gel is really mild and meant to be used for once or twice a week only sadly. I have used twice my skin felt slightly smoother in the next day after washing off the overnight gel on my face and neck. It comes with a scoop for hygenic purpose too. I think the brightening effect is there as my skin seems more radiant after using it twice.  I wonder if it can be used on the eyes area? since it stated in the manual that no extra eye care is needed? Why is it only can be used twice a week? Anyone can advise me?

Title: Laneign - Water Sleeping Pack Ex

Function: Intensive hydration, vitality and brightening effect during sleep

Made in: Korea

Direction: Apply after cleansing, toner and emulsion. Leave overnight and wash off the next day. Once or twice a week only

Ratings:  4/5

Price: Less than RM100 from counter. You can get it cheaper from duty free shop about RM75

Beta Glucan - Skin regeneration effect
Ceramide SLN - Moisture loss protection
Hunza Apricot Extract - Skin purification
Chestnut Extract - Improving skin texture

My First Fit-Flop

Summary of Product Brand: I bought this fit-flop in Singapore (Viva City Mall) for S$169. Is it expensive? because there is no discount there not like what I seen from the web! arghh... Anyway once it's purchased I wore it immediately and have a great day for the rest of my day.. with its good shock absorption I am walking more than I used too with my usual high heels. But after much working around the mall and taking train and walking around the airport... I felt the strain never the less.. Is this piece really worth this much? I think it's over-rated but I am still glad to buy this piece of good shock absorption sandal. I think it's good for those who like to look stylish and still walk alot.. By the way.. apparently it helps in losing weight too.. ah hemmm.. let me be the walking genuine pig... =D

Title: Fit-Flop

 Function: Walking sandal with good shcok absorption , helps your posture

 Made in: N/A

 Direction: N/A

 Ratings: 4/5

Price: S$169 without any discount =(

Content: N/A

Samsung Galaxy Y

Summary of Product Brand: I bought this piece of budget smartphone at RM500 only and I really have to tell you that it's really worth only RM500 seriously. The reason is so cheap is because it has really bad line coverage and sometimes the whole system just "lag". I am really regret to get a budget smartphone. My next phone I am considering Samsung Galaxy S3 or Iphone 4s. Can anyone advise me?

Title: Samsung Galaxy Y

Ratings: 1/5

Price: around RM500