Friday, August 24, 2012

My Krabi Island Trip, Thailand

Remember to pre-order your food with Air asia flight to avoid "out of stock". Also comes with free Spritz water. This trip comes expensive on a Raya Holiday costing RM500/person.
Finally we arrived to Krabi Island after an hour flight! We booked Aonang Prince ville Resort about RM200/per night for twins. Our free and easy tour of 4 days 3 nights begins here..... =)

A very luxury rooms with what looks like a king size bed with a bath tub with window.. also suitable for romantic getaway... our resort provide free simple breakfast, salty clean swimming pool and public jacuzzi too... with massage service too..
Our resort is located right in front of the seaside.... whole stretch of shops lots nearby.. you can go for beach walk anytime you want but not for swimming though.. the sea did not look too clean to me.. the scenery were very nice though... lots of tuk tuk and taxi around.. make sure you ask for discount because everything here is overpriced... we bought a half day        "4 island" trip for 700 baht/person here too...  

Our "4 Island" trip begins in the morning when the bus arrived at 8:30 to pick us up. Very crowded bus in fact but luckily it was a 15mins drive.. from there we followed our tour guide on a speedy boat and begins our adventures... the boat engine wasn't really working well with lots lots of smoke coming out from it and got "jam" a couple of times.. not very pleasant ride... Anyhow the first island they got rock climbing, beach walk and a story telling activity.
This is the story telling part... something interesting... and we proceed with snorkeling next.... the real adventure came! we dive into what clearly seems to be dark colour stained with oil sea... we only manage to see the fishes on the surface.. nothing deeper... until I came up from the sea... my whole body was covered with dots of diesel oil... yes... it's engine diesel oil! Can't believe they brought us to such a dirty sea for snorkeling.. unbelievable! The free lunch that day were kind of like a joke. With the limited variety of fried chicken, green curry, mixed vege we were told each tourist is only allowed to take 2 piece of fried chicken. Luckily we Asian are small eater! =)
The rest of the island we been to were almost the same... and the water can only be as clear as this as seen on the picture. I am not sure whether we came at the wrong time of the year or maybe it's the wind factor but the sea did not reach my expectation. Even my trip to Redang / Perhentian in my own country is much better =D Somehow we were just glad to be back to our Resort after that to resume our own activity... it seems like the sea activity aren't the biggest attraction in Krabi Island... We found out their Seafood turn our deliciously great and appetising though.. our main turn on in this beach island!
The 3 nights we spent in Krabi we had 3 times seafood meals at this "Aonang Seafood Restaurant & Bar Street" place where there are 3 seafood restaurant in it. We are happy with the food here!
The first night, we had our dinner at the 2nd restaurant with this boat of seafood as seen. The service here is rather attentive and efficient here and the food is really appetizing. Love their food and service that I end up paying tips. A 5 person meal cost us 1900baht.
Fried vege. Not bad try dip in their appetizing chili sauce!
Grilled fish. The grilled fresh fish tasted so delicious with their sauce! I really love this!
And their Grilled Squid.. Also very deliciously done. The nicely done grilled smell is enough to "kill" us all...
Green Curry. My brother love this. It's very rich of coconut and although it's called curry doesn't taste spicy at all. I love this when it's mixed with my fragrance thai steam rice =)
When you go thailand... you can't miss this. Tom Yam!! So heavenly spicy & appetizing. It keeps our appetite going!
****to be continue***

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bone and Pot @ SS25

My trips to Bone and Pot has became rather frequent lately mainly because of words of mouth of their deliciously tasty soups and the popular steamboat venue among my friends.

I personally love their food very much too and has recommended friends and family to Bone and Pot. Love their signature soups and pepper soups the most! Tom Yam soups is too spicy for my liking. Even their fried snacks tasted so good expecially their fried soft bone! Another one will be the meatbealls with cheese filling in it. So far all their meatballs are of good quality with very compact texture =D Unfortunately the pictures taken aren't save into my computer right now so couldn't share out here!

There is this time I recommend their signature pork broth soup to my family, my aunt who is very health-cautions questions on the ingredients of the soup whether there is any head's bone inside the soup... apparently according to her the pig's head is poisonous to be consumed. Hearing it for the first time in my life, I called to the restaurant just to find out the parts of bones used for the soups (without mentioning what my aunt told me about the pig's head of course). The manager told me bones used for the soups but no pig's head bone used because it's not "good" to use it. Probably meant it isn't very safe I guess. Well that solve my aunt's dillemma and we had a deliciously and enjoyable dinner that day.

Oh by the way I forgot to mention that if you like to have a private room of yours and do not fancy waiting outside restaurant for seats remember to call in for booking too!

I been there for 3 times within this 2 months again.. . and got minor sore throat twice the day after... Has anyone experience the same problem as I do? I wasn't sure it's because of the soup but I suspect so because I drank the soups... and my meals companions some of them do experience dryness on their throat too... I didn't really plan to go back bone and pot again after having the same symptoms again until my friends birthday dinner was held there again.... this time I drink only minimum amount of soup and did not experience sore thorat anymore... wasn't sure why we all have the uneasiness experince on our throat after drinking the soups though... but I love their food so much.. Anyone out there experience the same problem as me? Please share..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Piccadilly Restaurant @ Petaling Jaya

Looking for a casual dinner outing with cheap beers you can drink whole night? I would say Piccadilly is very much a very decent hang out place with friends' lepak session or fancy watching a football match with windy atmosphere? Just not to suck the air to deep because there is a drainage just underneath.. yeah... the only thing I didn't like about Picadilly..

The food is definately cheap with asian cuisine about RM6++, western cuisine RM10++ and snacks at RM3++. And we ordered Guiness Stout Tower Beer cost us only RM 55++!!! I remember forking out RM100++ at pub with air con!! I love all the food here because they are very decent but nothing to shout about. I would go there again because with RM10 I can have a very satisfying meals with friends and free parking too...

It's just a little dark at night I would recommend to go colect your car in group especially after hearing horrifying news about kidnapping, robbery etc!!

Look at how cheap their Beers get.... friends said they is some weird taste compared to normal beers at his last mouthful of it... I am not sure myself since I seldom drink... maybe you can let us know here?
Tom yam soup.. yummy... superb tasty and spicy
Guiness stout tower beer... 4 of us drink until tak boleh tahan
Deep fried chicken chop.. nice...
Marmite chicken rice.. very tasty they like this so much

Tel: (+603) 7960 5886

LG006 & LG007,
Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ,
98, Jalan 14/1, 46100 Petaling Jaya.LG006 & LG007, Millennium Square Jalan 14/1
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

D'italiane restaurant Giza mall

Please look at my pictures doing the story telling =)

Starters- Bruchettas RM9++ (delicious!! really appertising for us)
Spicy Beef Aglio Olio- RM24++ (very tasty although slightly oily also very appertising maybe it's the spicy taste it has.. )

Special Pasta of the year 2012- Roasted walnut and button mushrooms with herbs pesto pasta- RM24++Love their fresh mushrooms and the texture of the sauce and taste of herbs but it's really very oily that I couldn't manage to finish my dish =(

Then came the damage for two person lunching on a weekday.. RM76.45!! I would rate their food with a 4 out of 5. But price wise it's slightly on the high side more suitable for event outing..... never order their juices again.. sorry but just ain't worth the price.

So far there are only 2 restaurant available which is one located at :-

1) Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara
Sunway Giza Shopping Mall Block D, F .10, 1st Floor,
Sunway Giza Shopping Mall, No. 2, Jalan PJU 5/14,
PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03 6148 1828
Fax: 03 6148 1830
GPS Coordinates: N 3.150536, E 101.591647

2) Jaya 33, Seksyen 13 Petaling Jaya
PG-01B, Ground Floor Jaya 33,
Seksyen 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya.
(d’italiane kitchen is located next to Bruno’s facing the main road.)

     Hours:                                 1130am till 11pm

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bulgogi bbq house

Our 2pax koreal set lunch meal cost us only Rm20 with this much food~~

Venue: The Strand, Kota Damansara

Steam egg (Lots of "fillings" itself inside the steam eggs.. thats why there are red and green dots from far.. very healthy on a weekday quick lunch =)
Corn Tea (My detox drinks =D)
small dishes that can be refilled although we did not refill because we were too full
Kim Chi Stew with Pork - I love this!!

There are smoking and non-smoking area - although we don't smoke we still sit outside because I can't stand the heavy smoke smell on my clothing after meal hehe

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Jean Yip Facial Experience

I bought Jean Yip Facial groupon for 2 person with 2 sessions of facial for each for RM145 recently. A trip to the Jean Yip Salon centre at first floor, new wing, One Utama. The salon is quite hidden at the back of Guess shop.

I went with my friend and am warmly greeted by the Jean Yip assistance. My skin were analyse and I was told my skin surface is lack of hydration while my collagen is still good. **phew** what a relieve. I am 25 years old by the way so I guess it's normal for my collagens to be still holding firm.. hehe

Anyway I was explained that a good skin needed adequte hydration before you proceed any kind of treatment be it anti-wrikles, whitening etc. After having a conversation with my beautifician, apparently Jean Yin is founded in Singapore and has been established in Malaysia for a few years now. Their concept is based on R6 which is Resolutions to 6 types of skin problems.

Back to my facial regime on that day. The groupon I purchase only consist of normal facial treatment and DOES NOT include their signature AMPOULE. It cost me RM50 to buy only one botol of ampoule. They have this machine called supersonic if I am not mistaken which helps firming and blood circulations of skin while creating heat.. by applying Ampoule the machines helps for better absorption too =) 

Throughout my facial regime the beautician is very eager to create conversations... which I don't mind but the extracting black heads process were really painful... I guess that's the price to pay for to be beautiful!

Right after the facial my face were really red and evidence of skins wounds from the extracting black heads / pimples sessions were evident! After the facial, I was given "consultantions"... stresssss.. I was told the 10 times package will cost me RM1688 during promotion. And Also the Ampoule which I bought at RM50 earlier will cost much cheaper if I buy the whole box which consist of  10 bottles at RM 388... If I buy 2 box I will get one more free! Well............... the ampoule did works its magic on me... So I bought one box to try it out first...and there gone my RM388 ........When I got back I was asked since when I had so many pimples.. ha ha...

My Second session of facial at Jean Yip... booked  for 6:3pm appointment but arrived at 6:45.. and because we were late... there is only one room available... so I had to wait but not for long.. at 7pm it's my turn to get in... phew.. This time I add a eye mask for RM50 instead of RM68 after negotiation.. which I think it's still abit expensive for a one time off thingy... It's powder mix with water and it's warmness helps for blood circulation too.. I like it very much but no like the price! hehe

This round of facial also left me with my face with wounds but knowing that they will disappear after a day or two I am fine with it.

Overall the Jean Yip service is professional, friendly, their product is not bad I love their ampoule and eye mask it's just too pricey for me right now...  considering my really broke wallet right now.. although I felt slighly stressful with my beautician persistent hard selling method...

I also heard Jean Yip has slimming centre and hair salon too! Would really consider trying out their Hair Salon using ampoule! Hope it has the same satisfying effect on my dry coarse and fragile hair... =)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sakae sushi tea time promotion

All red plate at buy one free one :)
Wanted to drink their tasty green tea end up attracted by their promotion which only starts from 3pm to 6pm