Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun Taipei TeaCafe

Fun Taipei @ SS2

Wow finally went to try taiwanese Fun Taipei cafe at SS2 today after viewing some of the reviews on them. We ordered their noodles with oyster although reading a bad review on it that the writer want to puke after eating the oyster.. hehe.. we ordered it anyway because one doesn't give up until he gets the shits himself.. heard this saying before? =p
I personally quite like the taste of noodles oyster but it is slightly too salty compared to the "shi lin" plus the oyster did look out of shape! Tasted fine though.. just fine ya.... the set comes with fried tofu yum yum hot and crunchy and sourish vege not bad.....RM 11.5+

Second dish was the mince noddles which is quite big bowl seriously also set comes with vege and tofu, bitter soups!! this is a rather full set I was full after all these!! RM12+ The ambience were quiet and service were pretty satisfactory.

Most importantly I think this is a place more for hang out as they have all kind of bubble teas... I ordered Mint milky bubble tea.. special enough for me at RM3.5

Fun Taipei Teacafe SS2
No. 9, jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-78772555

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sponge Curler Ball for Hair

I found out this little magic balls at internet store for a cheap price of RM9 for 6 balls. I heard places like SASA are selling them too.. I have my hair straighten a year back but my straighten hair are still long until my bra length. I thought of giving it a try as I wanted to see how I look like in curly hair. Apparently, the people everyone make it seems so easy!

First I washed my hair and waited it to dry up to 80% and start divide my hairs into sections.. 6 sections as I only have 5 curler balls.. den I spray my hair with curl mousse so it will be held in place.. before start twisting my hair with finger and place end of the hair into curler ball and start rolling it back to my head before I lock it. I was having slightly problem to lock it.. maybe it's because I am a first timer as I seen other ppl doing it liek a piece of cake!

Anyway I realise 6 balls is not enough as the curler ball can not fit in much hair!! After finish rolling all the sections I went to sleep and the truth is i woke up middle of night because of the uncomfortableness plus I don't really sleep still.. most of my curler balls actually came off when I woke up!

Some of my hair did remain curly although not too much. If you successfully made all your hair curly try spray it with a hair spray for curly hair to keep it looking shiny and healthy!! =)

Overall, I think the process will work out easy for me once I get used to it. At the moment I gonna let it rest due to my straighten hair did not allow the curler ball to work its magic!

Summary of Product
Brand: N/A
Title: Sponge curler ball
Function: Transform straight hair into Curly hair overnight
Made in: Unknown
Direction: twist hair and slot end of hair into ball and roll it towards the head and lock it
Difficulty: Medium hard
Price: RM9 for 6 balls
Content: -

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dae Jang Geum Korean BBQ 大長今

I know this place is famous for the expensive bill!!
Well I went there yesterday for a dear friend's farewell there were 11 of us and the total bill came out to be RM330++ only. I guess thats because we have a huge crowd and everything became cheap and the side dishes were refillable. We ordered quite alot.

We order a set of the BBQ plate consist of chicken, pork and seafood(RM150+)! Another plate of pancake there is 2 types, the non-spicy and the other is the kim chi pancake. I personally prefer the original pan cake(RM15++) there are sprouts in the pan cake too these tasted fine to me nothing to shout about though. I love the stew beef (RM50+) it's superb tasty, we also ordered 2 set of marinated BBQ chicken (RM25++) this piece of chicken was very well loved it seems it tasted unique to me too..other dishes ordered are soups 3 bowl of soups.. ala carte soups RM15++ each bowl..

Due to the large crowd we had, I had previously reserve by calling to them. We had a special room at the back of the restaurant where no one will pass by unless they purportedly walk in. Therefore we were having a hard time to call for waiter to refill the side dishes. They should fix a bell or something. The captain service were good but some of the waiters were not so cheerful or slow response though. Maybe it's already end of the day as we were having a fabulous dinner at 8pm. We can't help it but had another round of shower that night too if you know what I mean.. hehe

p/s: I intend to upload the pictures soon as the uploading is not available now please be patient. =)

Price: RM330++ for 11 person
Location: Seksyen 14 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Same row as KFC but it's at the other corner at the end of shop lots just next to the KK mart and opposite Caring Pharmacy store.
Food ratings: 4/5 will definately come back again!
Service ratings: 3/5 there are rooms to be improved.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nature @ Lavender Detox White Facial Night Jelly

I bought this piece of Nature jelly mask for RM46.8.. it is a night face mask and it claims to detox your face plus has a whitening effect! Every morning i woke up I will feel slightly oily face. especially on my nose area. The jelly's colour looks yellowish and according to the product specification it contain oil instead of water. Hmmm.. not sure whether plant oil is as good as water or not but at least it did protect my skin from the air con air from dehydration! By the way the smell of the jelly.. smell like chinese fung sap medicine. hmm maybe I still not getting used to the smell of lavender!

About the whitening effect, I need to use for another a month of two to see the result i guess. =)

Summary of Product
Brand: Nature
Title: Lavender Detox White Facial Night Jelly
Function: Detox and whiten face
Made in: Shanghai
Direction: Apply evenly on face and gently pat until dry before sleep
Ratings: 3/5
Price: RM46.80
Content: 70g

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream

First of all, I couldn't even find a website or a picture of this particular product on the net. I bought it from Watson at a rather cheap price roughly RM15. It claims to be non-sticky and non-greasy. I put it on my face, it felt so weird.. almost like it's not a moisturizer cream for face! I had to double check the labels found no trances saying the product is for any other part plus I bought that at the skin-care facial corner!!

After waited for few minutes the highly uncomfortable feeling of the cream persist. I wash my face with water and that's it. I was wondering whether I can return to Watson as a Defective product!! I suspect it has exceed the expiry date too.. (none can be found on the product.. there is a manufacturing date STICKER only.. it can always be taken out and replace with a new once easily)

I been checking on the net searching for this particular product and there seems to be none. NIL. How on earth did they provide customer service then? From now on I have banned Organid Aid products. It gives me creeps after reading other ppl reviews on the brand also. Are these left over products??

Summary of Product

Brand: Organic Aid
Title: Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream
Function: Cream for skin-care
Made in: Los Angeles
Direction: N/A
Ratings: 1/5
Price: roughly RM15
Content: 28.3 gram

Friday, May 21, 2010

Himalaya Herbals Almond & Cucumber Peel-off Mask Reviews

I was attracted to this Himalaya Herbals Almond & Cucumber Peel-off Mask because it was from Himalaya. It's ingredients was 100% herbal actives and it's small title printing stated that it can "Unclog pores, Tones, nourishes and firms up skin" sounds like a good deal to me at the price of roughly RM15!

When I squeezes out the liquid, it was so thick that it was so messy for me to apply on my face evenly without dropping few drip here and there. After applying on my face, I suppose to wait for 10-15mins. Now after the time frame, my mask wasn't dried yet!! and I can see my blackheads on nose very obviously. it first I was thinking why the hell my blackheads look even more obvious but it turn out the mask actually pull them out. How do I know that?

I did not peel my mask out because it wasn't dry and I didn't want to keep the mask too long on my face afraid it will dry out my skin somehow(there is a reason there is a time frame instruction stated thee). I washed my mask. I not sure anyone does that but what else can I do? anyway once I wash clean my face it felt supple and I touch my nose(and face).. supple and clean I couldnt see blackheads (not that many anyway). I quickly apply toner and moisturizer to preserve the suppleness.

Overall, I would say this piece of facial product is working decently on my face nothing to shout about though. If you are looking for something plant based at affordable price I would recommend this!

Summary of Product

  1. Brand: Himalaya Herbals
  2. Title: Almond & cucumber peel off mask
  3. Function: Unclogs pores, tones, nourishes, firms up skin
  4. Made in: India
  5. Direction: Apply evenly on cleansed face & neck, avoiding eye area. Allow dry for 10-15mins. Gently remove peels from both side of face. Use once or twice a week.
  6. Ratings: 3/5
  7. Price: roughly RM15
  8. Content: 150ml
  9. Ingredients:
  • Almond- nourishes, soothes and softens the skin
  • Cucumber- tones facial skin and provides a cooling effect
  • Pineapple- removes impurities and dead tissues, and firms up the skin
  • Indian Gooseberry (Amia)- has cleansing and antioxidant properties

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loreal White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening Reviews

This product I personally think will suit dry skin user better as it makes my skin felt so oily!! I actually wash my face after using this creamy whitening lotion. It is meant for morning use as it has a SPF 15!! If I am using this product I will usually just cover my face with compact powder as the oily feeling is super irritating to me. It cost me roughly RM40 that is why I dun have the heart to throw it away. I just bought this recently. The whitening effect, wait for me to finish this product and I will give you my review again! Thanks for reading! =)

Summary of Product
  1. Brand:Loreal
  2. Title: White prefect transparent rosy white
  3. Function: moisturizing cream lotion
  4. Made in: Paris
  5. Direction: apply evenly on a cleansed and after using toner.
  6. Ratings: *to be updated*
  7. Price: roughly RM40
  8. Content: 50ml

Loreal Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream Reviews

Now now.. this is my first piece of eye contour cream I bought when numerous of people commented on my dark eye circles! =( This cream is REALLY creamy, a pinkish cream which gives your eye contour an instant boost of fairness rightaway. However, I dislike it's oily feel after i apply the cream on my eyes and it only goes away after quite sometime.. I am not sure whether it's because I actually got to use to the oily feel or what =p

The bottle has a 15ml cream and recommends daily application. I was really hardworking applying on my eyes daily however, when it comes to result, my eye contour does seem a LITTLE bit brighter but dark circles still maintain obvious. Overall, i find this product not up to my standard considering the price I pay for a 15ml cream at RM30++ .

Summary of Product

  1. Brand: Loreal
  2. Title: Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream
  3. Function: Puffiness dark eye circles
  4. Made in: Paris
  5. Direction: apply every morning and/or evening on the eye contour area
  6. Ratings: 2/5
  7. Price: roughly RM30++ (not too remember but is more than RM30)
  8. Content: 15ml

Cellnique Oasis Soothing Gel Reviews

I have sensitive skin and I have tried many moisturizing lotion which leaves my skin so oily that I have to wash my face after applying them. Then I found this precious. Cellnique Oasis Soothing Gel. It's transparent gel like and all I have to apply is the size of a peanut and it covers my face nicely.

Once I apply the gel on my face I can feel the instantly moisturised feeling on my face it's a instant hydrating to my thirsty skin. And it did not leaves my skin oily although there is a level of stickiness at first. I will just have to compromise that sticky feeling for the hydrating it has on my sensitive skin! The labels stated that is has Aloe vera, collagen and horse chestnut. Sounds like expensive item.. COLLEGEN! now I can keep my skin youthful too. haha..this 50ml gel tube cost a bomb.

It is above RM100++ not remembering the exact amount as I have purchase it quite sometime. I am considering to get another tube of this or do you guys have any alternative suggestion? Please let me know. =)
Thanks for reading my review on this. Beauty does come for a price.

Summary of Product

  1. Brand: Cellnique
  2. Title: Oasis Soothing Gel
  3. Function: Moisturizing Gel for face
  4. Made in: USA
  5. Direction: after face cleansing and toner, apply this highly concentrated gel evenly on face
  6. Ratings: 4/5
  7. Price: above RM100
  8. Content: 50ml
  9. Suitable for: all skin type

Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion Reviews

I love sunny days but not the hot glaring suns we have here in Malaysia. Especially with the cancerous UV rays I am exposing myself to. I got this product few months back and I totally like the effect of it. It is a product for the sensitive skin and the baby skin! (a very mild product to the skins!) It has a SPF 30 which is a perfect to me.

The product is designed to use for both face and body. I will have to say the colours give me a vibrant & fairer look. There are still some sticky feeling when applied and it was slightly oily to me. However, If compared to other sun blocks product I have used, I like this much as the uncomfortableness is to the minimal.

The texture was light creamy watery. It absorb to the skin very fast! I can guaranteed it is water proof. I been using this for my swimming session. And I will have to say my face in the water looks pretty cool. You can see bubbles sticking on my face as a result of the water unable to penetrate into my face. The price of this product is not cheap either, it’s been months back but the price is above RM100.

Summary of Product

  1. Brand: Shiseido
  2. Title: Sun Protection Lotion
  3. Function: Protect skin from sun with SPF 30
  4. From: Japan
  5. Direction: Apply evenly 20minutes before sun exposure
  6. Ratings: 4/5
  7. Price: above RM100
  8. Content: 100ml

Clarins Eye Contour Gel Reviews

One look at this product priced at RM149+ is unreasonable at all to me! It is only a small tube of 20ml content. Well what do I expect after all it’s a Clarins product all the way from Paris? Plus it’s a plant based product! The product is specialized to work on the dark circles and eye puffiness. Sadly, I have both symptoms.

The application of the Eye Contour Gel needed is very little, almost the size of a rice grain. I just got this Eye Contour Gel recently and just started using it for a few days now. According to the product, I should use it daily preferably morning. The texture of gel was very smooth and watery where once I pat the gel on my eye contour it quickly absorb to my skin. It does not leave the oily residue feeling afterwards! I love the feeling of fresh feeling, no oily sight/feel. However to fully know whether it works on my dark circles (and puffy eyes!) I will have to be committed to apply this daily (planning to do it day & night =p)

I will update the efficiency of this Clarins’ Eye Contour Gel in a month time or earlier if I do see a difference in the eyes! Sorry not going to post any pictures on BEFORE & AFTER as it really doesn't show much with my camera's quality. =(

Summary of Product

  1. Brand: Clarins
  2. Title: Eye Contour Gel
  3. Function: Puffiness dark eye circles
  4. From: Paris
  5. Direction: Apply using gentle movements around the eye contour
  6. Ratings: *unavailable yet*
  7. Price: RM 149
  8. Content: 20ml