Saturday, May 7, 2016

Go Noodles House @ Jaya One (PJ)

This little shop is a gem if you love pork slices!
I love not only their food but their professionalism as well. The waiters are efficient, clean (they wear hygiene mouth protector), and the food arrive within 5-10mins time.
I always thought of this shop whenever I am going to Jaya one shopping mall. Sometimes I go to Jaya one mall just to eat their pork slices. Yes, it's really that nice.
Their other signature dish is the home made spicy soup. Which is really very very very spicy. Not everyone can finish their bowl of spicy soup based bowl. If you don't believe me. Try it out yourself. (Refer to the picture below)

I ordered their ala carte pork ball soup and add on Beef balls & pork slices for additional few ringgits. The pork slices are very supple, soft, juicy and somewhat long. Pork Balls are second best there. The beef balls are rather disappointing though. I will have to remind myself not to order this dish.
I was told the milk tea was very very superb. But I didn't order one myself. Not in the mood for milk tea today. I ordered mineral water instead. The bill came out to be pretty reasonable price.

Food - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Hygiene - 4/5 (It can go higher but the lighting is too dim)

Good Food @ Jaya Shopping Centre (PJ)

Whenever I go to Jaya Shopping Centre, I am there for the TGV cinema. Then usually I will head to Good Food & co for a nice comfort food.
I tried few of their dishes. very fusion style and they are delicious. My favorites are Shakshouka (even the side dish bread tasted so good.. I wish to just buy their bread!) and also the whole leg dish (awesome)!
The one that we have tried to day are shown below.
This is the Beef Salami Pasta. Awesome. But small portion. (RM17+)

Lamb Burger. This is not really up to our standard though. The Lamb patty is too salty to eat on it's own. Never order this (RM22+)
This is the Shakshouka (RM16+) I was raving about. I also add on a Merguez (beef mix with lamb) sausage (RM5+) to go with it. The bread is really good for a plain bread like this.

Food - 4/5 (for Shakshouka & Salami beef pasta)
Hygiene - 4/5
Service - 3/5 (Self service but food was rather quick within 10mins)

Pensonic Warehouse Sales @Jalan 223 PJ Malaysia

There is a Pensonic Warehouse Sales from 6 May - 8 May 2016 from 10am to 5:30pm at Pensonic Company. (Address: Lot 11B, Jalan 223, Seksyen 51A Petaling Jaya)
I went to have a look on the good buys today. The prices are somewhat lower than retail price with warranty as well. Purchaser can go to their warranty service centre which is located at the same address staed above.
Some of the pictures I have taken are shown below.
Participating brands include:-
  1. Indesit
  2. Lebensstil
  3. Cornell
  4. Princess
Selling items are:-
  1. Kitchen hood
  2. Fans
  3. Oven
  4. Induction cooker
  5. Rice cooker
  6. water heater
  7. Eletrical hair product
  8. Refrigerator
  9. And any electrical product you can think of.