Friday, October 12, 2012

Suchan vs Alexis's tiramisu cake

OToday is my second time giving suchan cake a try. I have to say it's not bad no wonder it's so popular among friends lately. It's has cheese between sponge like cake. Best eaten cold!

The first time I ate this it was not dat cold and every one complained of the expensive cake!

However if u were to ask me rate  this cake I wiki give it a 7/10 while Alexis is still standing tall at 9/10 right now :) just wonder how much is Alexis whole cake

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Momo Paradise steamboat

I love this place located at Taman manjalara kepong because of the variety of dishes at decent quality and competitive price of less than 30rm.

Each person can have their own bowl of soup ranging from tom yum, herbs , light soup etc. There are lots of fried stuff offered here which are freshly fried offering to customer at their dining table. Definitely will come back again !

The downside is the seafood ain't so fresh so dun expect much if u wanna have all u want shells fish bamboo shells etc.

Forgot to take any pictures because was over concentrating on what food to boil hehe yummy!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lada hijau at dataran sunway , kota damansara

Expensive mix rice at rm 5 for this set of rice dish. Rm2 per dish and rm 1 for the rice. The food are ok though nothing to shout about.

Kissten review

<p>Free ice lemon tea promotion now with a scan and a like at their fb fan page. We ordered our dessert serving of their signature burger! Looks yummy and taste yummy. Generous amount of butter and dressing adequate meat :D