Saturday, May 7, 2016

Good Food @ Jaya Shopping Centre (PJ)

Whenever I go to Jaya Shopping Centre, I am there for the TGV cinema. Then usually I will head to Good Food & co for a nice comfort food.
I tried few of their dishes. very fusion style and they are delicious. My favorites are Shakshouka (even the side dish bread tasted so good.. I wish to just buy their bread!) and also the whole leg dish (awesome)!
The one that we have tried to day are shown below.
This is the Beef Salami Pasta. Awesome. But small portion. (RM17+)

Lamb Burger. This is not really up to our standard though. The Lamb patty is too salty to eat on it's own. Never order this (RM22+)
This is the Shakshouka (RM16+) I was raving about. I also add on a Merguez (beef mix with lamb) sausage (RM5+) to go with it. The bread is really good for a plain bread like this.

Food - 4/5 (for Shakshouka & Salami beef pasta)
Hygiene - 4/5
Service - 3/5 (Self service but food was rather quick within 10mins)

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