Friday, April 1, 2016

Good Bye to Modern Beauty Salon (Review No.2)

I would like to write about my bad encounter with Modern Beauty Salon which causes me to make drastic decision to stop going to Modern Beauty Salon. (although I still have some un-used sessions with modern beauty salon)

I have previously wrote reviews on them, although they provide good prices; Modern beauty Salon do not practice honesty & integrity at all. Packages selling to me always in minimum 10 times sessions package and prices are not firm and always negotiable. Please do not tell me this is marketing strategies because a salon is not pasar malam. Even pasar malam display their market rate.

Many times I was doing my facial halfway, a second beautician will appear out of no where to do promotion to me (while I was naked and lying down with cotton on my eyes). I always listen first and then will politely tell them no. But they are very pushy and do not take no for an answer. The pushy behavior made me feel uncomfortable and stress actually. I thought Facial session suppose to be relaxing, but not here in Modern Beauty Salon (Mid valley branch)

Besides, I have many unused facial package but they still keep promoting their new facial package to me. Assuring me that I can keep the 'old' facial package for next time use. I have learned to see their unethical selling method which made me feel disgusted. 

I have made complaints to their management. But no improvement has been made. I have decided to stop going to modern beauty salon.

This is my first time writting a very bad review on a company. When I googled on the reviews on this salon, there are way many bad reviews for this company. I am writing this hoping to bring awareness to other consumers.

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